STEM education is understood as denoting science, technology, engineering and math. In reality however, STEM is actually the applied hands-on approach to those subjects. It is a way of learning that allows students to understand and appreciate the relevancy of their work to their own world. STEM is about developing students’ curiosity, problem solving skills and analytical thinking.

In 2014, Club Rush Ltd. was incorporated in Canada with the objective to pursue quality projects that promote and enhance children’s STEM education. The flagship of these projects is Club Square in Kanata, Ottawa!

The concept behind Club Square is to create an upscale venue that integrates STEM into a lifestyle of education, creativity, culture, and entertainment that entertain, enrich, and enhance the knowledge and imagination of its valued guests. In order to provide the widest palette of value programs possible, Club Square brought together 5 different dedicated studios that offer a wide variety of practical hands-on programs that include STEM, coding and game development, visual arts, and cooking. Moreover, the venue also houses a variety of engaging open-play activities, special events area, and an upscale cafe and lounge.

At Club Square we strive to build long-term relationships with our guests by understanding and anticipating their needs, and then by serving them better each time they visit the club. Our programs and services are fun, developmental, and allow guests of all ages to express themselves. Our guests can count on us to consistently deliver value service, at a favourable price, in a timely manner, while we seek those “moments of opportunity” when we can actually exceed their expectations!


Value to us means giving a “total experience” with … 

  • Variety of Choice
  •  Superior Service
  •  Great Value for Money