Field trips offer a great opportunity for students to step out of their daily routines and classrooms, and experience hands-on what they’ve learned in school. Club Square offers the unique opportunity for educational providers to design their field trip according to their specific needs. Within the same field trip, students have the chance to experience a mix of inspiring and educational hands-on workshops in:

Science Beaker Club Square





Engineering with LEGO

Visual Arts


And more …

Club Square recognizes that field trips are not just an important component of learning, but are also an opportunity to making learning fun! All our field trips are therefore designed and delivered in an entertaining interactive way that ensures students’ engagement and enhancement of their learning experience. Their Club Square experience will help students connect what they’ve learned in the classroom to what they experience on their field trip.

A Club Square associate would be more than happy to assist you in designing your field trip around your objectives and themes. We would also gladly bring the field trip to you and organize an in-school field trip! Just get in touch and let us help you plan your next field trip.